I've been blessed to be able to help people function at a higher level since 2000. At Heaven on Earth Massage Therapy in Oconomowoc, functioning at a higher level is achieved through pain reduction and stress relief. 

Both pain and stress can be situational or chronic, due to accident or illness. These issues are addressed through relaxation and therapeutic massages. Not only is the immediate pain addressed, but with your help, we will attempt to discover the cause of the problem so that it can be managed or completely eliminated. This is done by taking a close look at the 6 Causes of Pain.

Once the initial problem is addressed, you can look forward to utilizing the many Benefits of Massage to achieving a higher level of wellness. 

Or, perhaps you'd just like to forget about life for a while. There is nothing like having zero responsibilities for 30 or 60 minutes! Come in and take a mental vacation. 

God has truly blessed me with each person that has come through my doors. My goal is to help each of you live closer to your full potential.
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Deb Weiss
Owner, Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist
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