Muscular system       “Milks” metabolic wastes into venous and lymph systems
Relaxes muscles (general and specific)
Relieves myofascial trigger points

Integumentary  Increase superficial circulation
system (skin)    Increase sebaceous gland excretions
Removes dead skin
       Adds moisture with oil or lotion

Connective tissue      Improves pliability of fascia
(fascia)     Separates tissue

Circulatory system    Increases local circulation
Enhances venous return
Reduces blood pressure and heart rate with regular 
relaxation massage

Skeletal systemIncreased joint mobility and flexibility

Nervous system       Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation)
      Reduces pain (neural-gating mechanism)
      Increases body awareness

Endocrine system     Releases endorphins 

Immune system       Increases lymphatic flow
      Improves immune function via stress reduction

Digestive system      Movement of contents of the large intestines
Better digestion with relaxation

Mental and Emotional Effects

Mental      Increased mental clarity

Emotional  Reduces anxiety
      General feelings of well-being

* These effects do not occur during every massage. The techniques used and the physical, mental and emotional condition of recipients may impact the effects of each massage. 

This information was taken from Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques

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