Massage Gift Certificates are the perfect way to show someone how much you care. Every occasion deserves to be celebrated with a massage - not just the major ones!

In addition to massage certificates Heaven on Earth also offers 

           * Therapeutic hot (or cold) pack
           * Essential oils 
           * Hand crafted lotion bars
           * Hand crafted soaps 

You may purchase gift certificates by clicking the button below. I will send you the certificate as a PDF file via your email and you may print it off yourself. (This is not instantaneous but I promise you'll get it within 24 hours.) If you'd like me to mail you a certificate or if you'd like to pick it up in my office please indicate that.         

If you are having trouble purchasing the length of massage you want PLEASE CALL me and I will take care of your order over the phone. Make sure to open the pop-up window to view all options.

Gift certificates are good for 12 months.

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